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Laptops at Walmart

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About the Laptops at Walmart

When it comes to researching and buying laptops at Walmart your options can included brand, specifications of hardware and full use of functionality. Our experts find it is best to shop and research brand first. When it comes to the laptops at walmart we have compiled all the major brand.

Current list of laptops at Walmart


 The first brand of laptops at walmart on the on our list is Acer. Walmart offers 9 different types of laptops. We have the the Aod, Aspire, Netbook, Espresso, Fusion, Atom and a few varieties of dual core high end processors.  Our pick of these is the new Acer  AO722 AMD Fusion Dual-Core Processor. It is fast, effective and priced accordingly.

The next brand of laptops at walmart is Asus. Asus is really strong brand that seems to be focused on portability. There are 16 powerhouse laptops at walmart in the Asus section. They are mostly duel cored and high end. We found the best one for our trials is the  Asus Black Netbook PC with Intel N570. It is fast portable and has a swivel monitor.

Dell is currently offering 2 laptops at walmart. The iM1018 Netbook  and the iD-3487FBR. The price difference is only about $150 but the power differences are worth it.  Dell is one of the worlds leading brands and we have always found them to be built of high quality.

The other major brand of laptops at walmart is HP. They are currently hosting 16 different types of laptops. HP is also of brand that allows for interchangeable skins. Thus allowing the consumer to personalize your laptop. They are also offering I7 processors at the most inexpensive price on the market. We recommend the HP Purple Pavilion Mini 210-3040NR Intel I7. It also sports some serious DDR3 Ram. We find this one the best laptops at walmart.

Sony also is carrying some serious laptops at walmart. They don ‘t have  a wide selection but what they do offer is the Sony VAIO VPCYB33KX/P and the Sony VAIO VPCYB33KX/B. Sony is one of the market leaders for electronics. I myself have owned 3 Vaios and have enjoyed the speed and quality. One major thing I know about Sony is that the screen quality on every laptop I have ever reviewed was excelled at all requirements and for that we give Sony best picture.

Our final and last review of brand laptops at walmart is Toshiba. They currently only have 1 laptop available online however it has many different face plates. Since only one is availble we can only support it. It is the Toshiba NB505 Netbook with Intel Atom N455 Processor. It is in our opinion a basic unit. Toshiba does build long lasting quality but sometimes skimps out on the power specifications. This would be a great laptop for a student.

The unspoken laptops at walmart are Cyber power , Gateway, IBM, Lenova, Msi, Samsung. These are the brands that no trials are currently available. We do however have access to these types of laptops at different competing locations.

Most laptops at walmart are fairly great in our opinion. We have tested and reviewed over fifteen  laptops at walmart. We were shocked to find the quality has greatly increased over the last few years. The number of laptops being added to retail and online locations has increased 67% in the last 4 years. Due to knew labels and inexpensive and more reliable core processors we found  that laptops will be dropping in price and may be one of the only portable electronics in this realm.

We say the more the merrier when it comes to all the laptops at walmart. If you know or have any laptops at walmart that you would like us to review or test let us know. We have test nearly all laptops at walmart with industry experts. These are only our opinions of laptops at walamart and the final decision is yours we just hope we can help you make the best decisions.  See our other articles about laptops at walmart for more indepth information. you will find information on battery’s, warranties, in-store specials, laptop accessorizes and other laptops at walmart as they come out.


Laptops at Walmart

Laptops at Walmart