79 dollar Walmart Laptops better then black friday79 dollar Walmart Laptops

79 Dollar Walmart laptops

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(This is the real deal 79 dollar Walmart laptops)

First off this beats any deal Walmart currently has for a Laptop. It also beats any Black Friday deal to date. This Sylvania laptop is priced very competitively but there are some serious drawbacks included in its price. This laptop is seriously limited when it comes to functionality. It is currently being marketed as a kids notebook and in all honestly that is the exact category it should be in. However it is still in the 79 Dollar Walmart Laptops section online. It has a 7″ screen TFT Screen so no matter what your going to use it for it will be a hassle and more trouble then its worth. The processor is a VIA processor running at 600MHz so your not going to do any heavy gaming nor streaming videos with it. It is barely fast enough to run two programs at once. Sylvania hooked it up with 128mb of ram which would be fast if it was the year 1999 but its not its almost 2013. The ram is so outdated and miniscule that my cellphone is faster. As for the memory on this you might as well just use a scrap piece of paper to write down your notes and save them in a folder on your desk as its has less then 3gb of flash memory. Sylvania put the Windows CE operating system on it which is horrible and you can not run normal Windows programs on it. The unit does not come with a floppy or cd drive however on a plus side it does have built in Wifi and a few USB ports. It also supports a SD card reader so you can have a little extra storage. We only recommend this if your on a budget and need a connection to the internet for nothing more then word processing.  You can find this Walmart laptop at http://goo.gl/Zp9pL  .

If you can afford the next step up (And we HIGHLY recommend you do) we suggest the HP 1046NR laptop. It will run you about $200 but it is a leap above the the Sylvania.  It has just about triple the processor speed at 1.6 ghz   and nearly 8x more Ram. Okay now get ready for this the hard drive is 80x  the capacity of the other laptop. The screen quality is also way better at 10″ and it is LED based so you will get that great image.  Skype lovers will love this, it has a built in webcam so you can be on the go or in a meeting. It supports Windows xp which is the only down fall but at least you can run normal windows programs. We would have liked to seen windows 7 on this laptop but if you haven’t noticed that if you go purchase windows 7 by itself its $200. So you do walk away with a great value on this laptop.

After Reviewing both Walmart laptops I’m sure you can tell which one was more worth it to us. They don’t even really compare to each other but we wanted the consumers to know why. just because its priced extremely well doesn’t mean its good. We also took notice that the Sylvania Walmart laptop can only be purchased refurbished right now and the HP Laptop is brand new. With all the extra features of the HP 1046NR we clearly opt for it. When your on a budget its worth saving the extra $100 dollars for  a better product that will last.

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79 dollar walmart laptops

79 dollar walmart laptops

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