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2013 Walmart Laptop Deals


Walmart is rolling back prices on their 2013 Walmart laptop deals. We have once again found the top brands listed below suggested retail price. We have even came across a few new laptops that are out of this world beyond the realm of cool. Each and every Walmart laptop we tested has been through a 14 point inspection along with consumer reviews taken into account.

2013 Walmart laptop Deals and Bundles

The Asus 1015PC Netbook with Intel Atom Processing power, included carrying case and wireless mouse bundle. This precious laptop from Walmart  can be snatched up for under 300 dollars. For just a few more dollars you can get a Hp, Toshiba or Acer laptop with your choice of laptop case, Flash Drive and Printer. This is priced around 375 dollars and is an extremely good deal for a Walmart Laptop.

Part of our next 2013 Walmart Laptop Deals is the 15 inch Samsung NP300v5A Dual-core windows 7 Power House. You are looking at 4gb of ram and a half terabyte of hard drive space. It has a built in webcam, wireless reader and wi-fi.

For our latest and greatest 2013 Walmart laptop deals  and our final review is the super powered Dell I15R-5673DBK. This bad boy packs a helluva punch. It is substantially priced at 478. Intel Icore 5 with 8 gigabytes if ram and 2/3 terabyte of memory. Huge LED back lit 15.6 inch screen and HD Webcam.

All these laptops are great buys and depending on much power you need to run all of your processes anyone pf these Walmart Laptops  could fit your needs and budget. it is just the beginning of the 2013 Walmart laptops deals season so stay tuned for more up to date information regarding Walmart Laptops.